Christmas Time at Essère

The lights have officially been lit and are now shining all across Florence, which means Christmas day is fast approaching. For some, the holidays can’t come soon enough, while for others this time of year can be overwhelming. There’s food to prepare, cookies to decorate, decorations to hang, and of course, the agony of figuring out what gift to get who. However, there’s no need to fall victim to the Christmas stress, instead, stop by Essère for handmade Italian clothing gifts. 

The store is filled with holiday cheer as a light-up Christmas tree glows in the window greeting customers as they walk by the shop. Ornaments and other Christmas decorations complement the clothing on display to get our customers in the holiday spirit. 

We have hand-knitted hats, scarves, and other accessories to keep that special someone warm during the winter months. There is also one of a kind coats, dresses, and tops that are sure to make you the gift-giving expert among friends and family. Don’t just stop at giving gifts to others this Christmas, treat yourself to a little holiday present as well. There are plenty of high quality and unique Italian pieces to choose from. 

Upcycling at Essère

Sustainability has become an important and popular idea circulating throughout the fashion industry. There are many ways brands, companies and designers can and are becoming more sustainable within their designs and production process. One of these ways is through upcycling, a relatively new idea within the Italian fashion industry. 

So what is upcycling? Simply put, upcycling consists of reusing discarded objects or materials to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. This is both a beautiful and innovative way to turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure. Examples of upcycling range from taking old clothes and turning them into new and desirable designs, to using old plastic and waste product to make new fabrics. 

At Essère we practice upcycling techniques of our own, as the store owner and designer Ilaria turns old scarves into revamped and fashionable skirts. Recently, she has been working on a collaborative project with Apelle to create the “Endless Woman” bag. This bag has been designed with the modern woman in mind, she is smart, career-driven and family oriented all in one. 

The choice of shape and materials used to create this bag are not random, as “bag” is a container for a woman’s personal and important items for her everyday life. The fur represents femininity and elegance, while the pinstripe wool fabric allows masculinity for the working woman, so she can show her strength in a patriarchal world. Finally, the bag opens up to work as a network of shopping bags for the woman who never stops, and who often, after a busy day thinks about the family. The bag will be shown in Milano as a part of their Upcycling Days. 

Finished bag worn in three different styles

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed food, drinks, and great clothes with us at our street opening event. The night was filled with socializing, and shopping as everyone enjoyed our special promotion and the new winter collection. It was great watching customers try on our beautiful clothing and even take some pieces home with them.

New winter items such as coats, kimonos, and sweaters were sold throughout the evening. Don’t worry though, we still have plenty of stunning and unique pieces ready for purchase here in the store.

We also want to say thank you and welcome to the new customers who found us on social media and came by to check out the store. We love seeing new faces enjoy the fashion displayed throughout the Atelier.

Don’t want to miss out on sales and other events like this one? Make sure to keep up with our blog posts and follow us on Facebook to learn more about special events and promotions throughout the season.

Take a look at the photos below to see the fun, food, and clothing enjoyed throughout the evening.

Photography by Keisha Lenee Photography
Photography by Keisha Lenee Photography
Photography by Keisha Lenee Photography
Photography by Keisha Lenee Photography

Essère’s Street Opening Event!

Day: November 14, 2019

Time: 5:30-9:00pm

Location: Via Dei Pandolfini 7R 50122 Firenze

Good news, the construction has toned down near the Essère shop, and the street is finally ready for large amounts of customer foot traffic, both new and returning. Join us on November 14th from 5:30 to 9:00 pm on Via Dei Pandolfini 7R 50122 Firenze. The new street is arguably one of the nicest streets in Florence now, so nice one could safely wear heels over it (well, safer than anywhere else in Florence). 

Since the temperature has officially taken a dip, it’s the perfect time to stock up on winter apparel. Come down and shop in a friendly and cozy atmosphere, offering authentic handmade Italian clothing. Whether you’re looking for a whole outfit or some unique statement pieces Essère has them. Don’t worry if you find something you love, but don’t see your size, shop owner Ilaria can alter the garment to your liking. 

We offer a selection of handmade women’s apparel and accessories, great for all age ranges, from dresses, skirts, tops, bottoms, hats, scarves and outerwear. 

Shop these looks available in the store now

Fall/ Winter Collection Fashion Photoshoot

To celebrate the release of Essère’s new Fall/Winter collection, a photoshoot was held to capture the feature pieces in all their beauty. The historical and gorgeous backdrop of Florence creates the perfect place to showcase these handmade and authentically Italian fashion pieces. Watch out for big sleeves and striking prints, as they’re a common theme throughout the seasons collection, and keep reading to learn more about the fashion below. 


This dress works great for the business casual look and is the perfect way to add some fun in the office or spice up your everyday fashion. Adding a big wrap around belt for a fun and flattering accessory that will pull in the dress while creating the illusion of a smaller waistline. It’s beneficial to choose an accessory that flatters some of the garments finer details like the different blues in the belt pictured above. Some shoe choices to pair with this dress can be a simple brown or black bootie or even chunky white sneakers to add a trendy urban feel to the look.


The print of this top makes itself immediately noticeable as romantic yet jovial, not always a typical pairing, but the styling, print and silhouette all work together to create this cohesively fun top. Black flare pants won’t overpower or clash with the cupid print but instead will match the elegance of the classic blouse silhouette and victorian style collar. They will also help create symmetry between the larger puffing sleeves and the flare of the pants. Consequently, keep the shoes simple with a pair of black sandals or booties as this top is meant to be the main focal point of the outfit.


A wrap style dress, this piece is a showstopper at any event or gathering. The print of this dress plays off of the idea of showcasing a girl’s best friend, jewels. The elegance of hands with rings is contrasted by deep black, purple, neon red and vivid white colors that draw in your eye. A simple yet visually appealing detail can be seen where the wrap meets the side of the dress and one jewel works to connect the two. Style this dress for a girls’ night out and create a little envy throughout your friend group.


Take the little black dress look and add a twist to it with this sleek mid-length piece. The big and boxy sleeves are undeniably the main focus of this otherwise classically simple dress. While the front of this dress has a straight smooth look, the back adds a cute ruffle detail as a fun surprise to keep simple stylish.


Beautiful for Fall, this top takes inspiration from nautical colors and silhouettes, incorporating different shades of blue with a pop of red in the stripes as well as a thinner strip of white to break up the colors. The collar dips just low enough to stay carefree and cool while remaining appropriate for a professional atmosphere. Tuck this top into high waisted black pants for a trendy and stylish look.


Incorporate darker winter colors with this gorgeous floral print. The light and airy material falls comfortably on all kinds of body types and flatters women of all ages. The neutrals are also easy to wear, but the print is far from boring, so you’ll still look fashionable while feeling a sense of simple comfort as you walk down the street. 

Essère’s Local Bucket List

Located at just a 12-minute walk from Florence’s famous Duomo, Essère Atelier sits on the quieter side of the city, providing a small escape from the constant flocks of tourists. In this area, it is far more common to see local Italians walking the streets, and while it is still nearly impossible to fit more than one person per sidewalk, the giant groups of people seem to diminish greatly.

Don’t just stick to the main tourist spots, or shop at American chains like Zara and H&M, branch out and head over to Via De’ Pandolfi 7 where Essère is located and shop handmade, authentic, and one of a kind Italian garments. While shopping over here, we at Essére are giving some of our top picks for restaurants, cafes, bars, attractions, and of course gelato shops that will keep you coming back.

Any shopper knows it takes a long day of hard work to find the perfect outfit or garments you’re currently on the hunt for. This can work up quite an appetite, so after you’re done shopping at Essère try out Dragonfly Restaurant and Bar just a few minutes down the road from the shop. They offer delicious pizzas and salads and even serve craft beers and cocktails, the cocktails going down in price during happy hour. You can also get take away cocktails and pizzas if you’re on the move and don’t feel like having a sit-down meal.

John Borno Coffee Shop sits in the same plaza as Dragonfly and is an amazing place to stop and get a cup of coffee. They serve cappuccinos, expressos and flavored iced coffees that you can even get in to-go cups. There is also a delicious assortment of pastries to snack on at any time of the day like muffins, cannolis, croissants, and tiramisu. The workers are friendly and inviting and speak English if you’re not an Italian native or don’t speak the language.

If you’re looking to explore the nightlife in this part of the city bamboo nightclub is a great option to try. They open at 7:00 P.M. and have a V.I.P. room with bottle service and a lounge area if you get tired from dancing all night. They are right down the street from Essère, so make sure to stop into the store earlier in the day and do a little shopping.

Last, but absolutely not least if you’re craving some gelato, which let’s be honest is probably most of the time, try these gelato shops not more than a 5-minute walk from Essère. The first is Chocolate, which is sandwiched right in between John Borno and Dragonfly. The creamy goodness of their gelato is offered in a wide array of flavors from traditional chocolate and salted caramel to fruity ones like mango and melon. The second place is Riverano, where you can get great gelato, and mix up the flavors as well, getting multiple scoops on one cone. Their gelato lab has created more than 100 flavors so there is bound to be one you like, and they also offer food such as waffles with scoops of gelato on top.

Essère is a fashion store not to be missed in Florence, but neither is this part of the city, where you can easily spend a day shopping and exploring a less tourist inhabited area.

The New Autumn/ Winter Collection: Featured Fabrics

Fabrics are the necessary and structural building blocks that make garments, and eventually, outfits come to life. They can spark inspiration at any moment and keep clothing refreshing on even the most simple of silhouettes. Whether plain or patterned, fabrics create an appeal that satisfies both sight and touch and is often the deciding factor in a consumer’s decision to purchase an item or not.

The new collection at Essére Atelier features high quality and comfortable fabrics such as silks, wools, and cashmere to create handmade and even one of a kind Italian pieces ready for the Autumn/ Winter season. Florals and more whimsical fabrics are featured throughout the collection as well, shaping a common theme for the seasons featured pieces. Fabrics often build on the feeling and mood created and brought to life by a designer’s collection. In this case, Essére’s prints and fabrics create an alluring and whimsical feeling with colors that stay true to the changing fall and winter season. A mix of comical patterning with classic styling keeps the garments light-hearted and is a fun technique often used here at Essére.

Handmade victorian style blouse from Essére, featuring the cupid love pattern to add a playfulness to what would otherwise be a traditional women’s top.  

At Essére, fabrics play off of and accentuate the garments they are paired with, in a whimsical and eye-catching manner. When first walking into the Atelier your eyes are bound to get lost in the unique fabric patterning on the different tops, bottoms, outerwear, dresses, and skirts displayed throughout the store.